The 8 practices to become more effective.

It is absolutely fantastic to live in Vienna and to be able to launch my start up company on the hills of Vienna overlooking the city. It probably has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Peter F. Drucker was born only 5 km away from where I am right now. Drucker already coined the term Knowledge Worker in 1959, and to me one of the most influential thinkers and writers on the subject of efficiency.

In his 1967 book, the Effective Executive, he recognizes 8 practices for an executive to actually be effective. Since than business has evolved significantly, we now have an abundance of information, through the use of the internet, and are able to share our thinking every second. Today’s Knowledge Workers are the information executives of modern times. So we need some adapted modern practices and as business today needs instant results, extreme high transaction speed, accuracy of content, it all needs to be super easy to use.

  1. Ask yourself why it is important
  2. Ask yourself what is important
  3. Make information actionable
  4. Create synergy
  5. Engage co-workers on how to move
  6. Engage co-workers to share findings
  7. Drive to do things better
  8. Assess, Measure and, re-apply

We now have a wealth of tools, PCs, iPhones, Android Watches, and whatever there is out there. Sometimes they work together sometimes they do not. Technology should work and help us to stay focused that is the credo here.

moove is will help you to stay focused on the progress of these 8 steps, it will help you to asses, measure and re-apply the steps you defined as important to you and will suggest to share, notify, and connect to co-workers as you reached certain objectives. moove will present itself on the device of your choice, in the way you like it best, sometimes it will suggest to use different means of communication, to keep you alert and learn continuously.

See moove as the training app, to run your job more effective. To get the maximum output from the effort you put into work. In eight steps to become a more effective knowledge worker.

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