moove was founded over a longer period of time. Actually it grew, as users, of a platform that was created for a Microsoft partner, came with such positive feedback, it helped these people to do their jobs more effectively. For some it was the ease of not having to travel and be away from day-to-day business, for others it was a great tool of getting insider tips and tricks to have higher customer satisfaction.

moove is not only an app that one installs and magically does the trick.

The start-up company moove will create software to help knowledge workers be more effective. Like the sport tracker portals made people train more effective. moove will be using information technology to make the knowledge workers tasks more effective. Recent massive changes in the computer science industry have led to breakthroughs in information management, and lot is to be expected from Adaptive Case Management and Artificial Intelligence in the near future. However, the average knowledge worker does not know how to use these new technologies. Therefore, companies are not benefiting from the changes in the way people could be working.

The goal of moove will be to bring together the world of information technology, the behavioral science, and the psychological discoveries that have been made in recent years. Without showing that to the actual user. It will be our intention to make knowledge worker more effective, for their personal benefit and for the benefit of the companies hiring knowledge workers.

moove is a for profit company, but will use its profits to create personal benefits for its users. Its will strive to let users acquire more knowledge, use that knowledge more effective and benefit from the results.